just let me hear the angels sing.
Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ohmygod. the a's are like FINALLY over. like FINALLY. so let's see. what i shall do for the next few months. ok. few is totally understatement of the year. thought of bumming around. grow real fat. like i'm not fat enough already. how exciting. but i guess not. want to get a job at the zoo. but i don't think that's going to happen. cause i think everyone's going to want a job at the zoo. since it's so exciting and all. ohwell. hopefully, i'll get it. if not. well. i don't know.

so the a's. they were crappy. just got this really bad feeling i'm going to do like crap. which is probably going to happen. i wonder if i should have studied harder. yea. i guess i should have. but then again. i don't know. just the thought of it's depressing. man. this totally sucks. ohwell. guess nothing can be changed. so i shall just party like mad for the time being and panic the day before the release of the results. i so totally hope it NEVER EVER comes.

i don't exactly know what to blog about. or why i even bother blogging. haha. i highly doubt anyone reads my blog anymore. ohwell. whatever. shall just do it for fun.

ooh. and my sister's back. from melbourne. damn. is that how you spell it. heck whatever. brought back cool stuff for me. awesome. haha. i likeee. ohwell. glad she's back anyway. it's more fun with more people around the house.

ooh. and i'm getting a psp! no scratch that. i've GOT a psp! yes ah yes ah yes ah. the only problem is that it's currently in shanghai. so ya. haha. my dad got me one in shanghai. so like ya. someone's got to send it back to me. ohwell. just waiting for it to come home! haha. whatever. it's all en hui's fault. she got herself a psp and got me totally addicted to it. then i kept talking about it to eunice and joc. now they've got one too! damn. they got theirs faster! technically. haha. can't wait to get mine. then we're going to go to clark quay starbucks and multiplayer ALL DAY man. awesome i swear. haha.

just thought i'd thank some people.

qazim and jialin: my BEST BEST BEST buddies. i swear i'd die without you people. qazim, i'm totally going to cry when you enlist. i don't know who's going to constantly entertain me. jialin, you're just as hilarious. in your own hilarious way. totally got to thank you guys for all the times we studied together. especially jialin. who would stay with me till ungodly hours at the irport to study. then again, you got free rides home so ya. haha. thanks too for turning up on my birthday. haha. you people are hilarious. couldn't get the sparklers to er, sparkle. haha. you guys are awesome. i love y'all. shawtys. haha. wazzup y'all. that is so totally lame. and so totally us. haha. sorry i'm such a domineering bitch sometimes. but remember, I IS DEMANDING. haha. stupid qazim. and thanks for my tumbler design. like what the hell i swear. haha. and screaming to our favourite songs in the mrt. GIMME GIMME MORE. haha. and teenagers. haha. i'll never forget all our crazy moments man. we totally have to go out again and cam whore! i love you both. seriously.

eunice and joc: haha. my 2 totally kuku friends. fellow psp-players. haha. thanks for all those studying sessions together. though i think we did a whole load of yakking. all those sessions at clark quay. our favourite. totally. and our design your own tumbler tumbler! haha. joc go and buy la! walaoeh. haha. so anyway. thanks for turning up on my birthday morning! haha. and playing monopoly. SO STUPID i tell you. haha. and spending my really pathetic birthday at amk hub. haha. hilarious i swear. must go back and buy those really really nice organisers man. haha. so ya. i totally cannot cannot wait for all those kuku things we're going to do together when eunice comes back from malaysia! my kampong. and joc from america. lucky shit! haha. hopefully we can all go aussie next year together. i love you both! muackzxzxzxzxzx. haha. we are such twit wannabes. best.

ok i wanted to paste photos. but they're unavailable! ohwell. whatever. shall go off now. bye!

they said all teenagers scare the living shit out of me
they could care less as long as someone'll bleed
so darken your clothes or strike a violent pose
maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me

the angels sang over and over again__ 10:41 PM;

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

after ONE MILLION years of not blogging, guess what i'm doing. haha. it's been er, 3 months please. blogger even underlines the words not in the english dictionary now! like in microsoft word. i'm like totally amazed. and totally old fashioned. like popcorn chicken's SO YESTERDAY. according to joc. that stupid woman. haha. hilarious i swear.

so what happened in the past 3 months i went missing. er well. there was bt1. eh no. it was bt2. idiot. and then there was. well. studying. and studying. and studying. and studying. did i mention studying? ok la. i make it sound like i studied alot. which i didn't really. eh. alot is not in the english dictionary. that's weird. hmmm. i had a life too i supposed. watched a couple of movies. hairspray! which was totally awesome. haha. ok. i seriously can't remember what else i did with my life.

i'm watching tv now! thomas ong is freaking good looking please! drop dead gorgeous. i like. haha. i hope he doesn't turn evil and die. not nice. not nice at all. then i'll stop watching. he's so good looking la. cannot take it. i think he put on some weight though. but nevermind. still good looking. nevermind's not in the dictionary either. never mind. well that is. and it's kind of weird. that woman very pretty. what's her name? that one in red. i know. ong ai leng. she very pretty. but got pimple. never put concealor properly. sad case. haha. ouyang's a really coo; surname. i like too. haha.

so ya. it's been so long since i last blogged that my birthday's next week can. haha. damn sian i swear. the next day got physics mock. my favourite paper. ok never mind. i like it better now. haha. oh ya. duh. prelims passed too. duh. haha. so i got back my 3 h2s today. quite alot for one day. thank god it turn out fine. guess what? I PASSED PHYSICS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY WHOLE FREAKING JC LIFE. YES AH! hahaha. i'm delirious with joy. still can't get over it. haha. such an idiot. i got c can. i can believe. maybe father lee will be nice and round it up to a b for me!!! i swear i'll die of happiness if that happens. chem and maths were ok too. yay. life rocks. for now. haha.

oh ya. band dinner. can't believe i forgot. which was completely embarrassing. shan't talk about it. you know. there isn't really much for me to say. haha. maybe i'll post some photos! yep yep. that will do.

me and the sisters! minus fungyin and mychelle. who didn't come to my place first. haha.

my successor! joshua! haha.

the council! counsel. council right. hmmm.

we went cycling! in the midst of studying. best ar. haha.

the photo we took in qazim's cool new camera! haha. and his really nice nose.

ok then. back to watching thomas ong! till after a's then!

feeling alive all over again,
as deep as the sky, under my skin
like being in love, she says
for the first time
maybe i'm wrong,
but i'm feeling right where i belong
with you tonight
like being in love
to feel for the first time

the angels sang over and over again__ 9:01 PM;

Monday, June 04, 2007

band dinner was awesome! haha. i shall break the rule and blog twice this month. ok. i should start from a little earlier. met up with bang, hong heng and ming de yesterday. ate at manhattan's fish market. er. what was it called? er. gala fried seafood platter or something. ya. something like that. haha. and all i ate was fish. quite tragic. oh. and the mushrooms. which look really weird. and the REALLY nice butter rice. and the fries. OH. then caesar salad. garlic bread was nice too! haha. so we ate and ate and ate then we walked to town. bitched and laughed along the way. of course. haha. finally settled at coffeebean around 930? ate blueberry delight. which is really nice. though it was really creamy. which was kind of weird. we were trying to figure out if it was cheese cake or not. ohwell. yes. i shall post pictures! let them do the talking. haha.

our delicious food! haha.

us and our table full of food. haha.

yesterday was also sushee's birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSHEE!!! the dog's 3 this year. haha.

so today was band dinner. as already mentioned, it was AWESOME. haha. benny and i are
horrible emcees. i swear. i'm so embarrassed. haha. the food wasn't exactly excellent. i liked the food at amara better. but the hotel is really nice! haha. seriously. it's the changi village hotel. though it looks like a shopping centre from outside. but it's really really nice. and the extremely thick-skinned alumni choose our table right at the back. closest to the food. haha. not like that helped much. i hardly got to eat. damn sian. always like that. last year also. ohwell. the cakes were ok. i still remember the chocolate cake from last year. haha. but the lamb was very nice. the roast lamb, er, leg? haha. can't remember. the mint sauce was quite weird though. but still nice. haha. felt like seriously old. all these people i've never seen before. damn weird. haha. but ya. it was fun. yep yep. totally enjoyed myself. i'm so happy to be a twemasekian! haha. ok la. post pictures then. haha.

the horrible emcees! haha.

old people! haha. the alumni basically. so small ar. very few turned up. sad.

me and zat. THE resident band conductor. idiot. haha.

section photo. i am so old i swear. haha. my batch member pang seh-ed me. ohwell. haha.

band major(ettes) of attitude. with our new addition: nikki. that's the guy by the way. haha.


we remembered to take a photo this year. haha.
so ya. that's about it. i'm so going to eat alot next year. haha. so for now, it's back to studying. till the next time then.
leave me out with the waste
this is not what i do
it's the wrong kind of place
to be thinking of you
it's the wrong time
for somebody new
it's a small crime
and i've got no excuse

the angels sang over and over again__ 11:55 PM;

Sunday, June 03, 2007

the monthly entry comes early this time round. suppose to be meeting bang and the guys later. but i kind of got ready really early. we were supposed to meet at 5! but bang changed it to 6. so now i'm super bored. decided to blog. haha.
went to sentosa with the section on thursday. damn fun i swear. though it rained. that was really horrible. but ohwell. we had fun anyway. haha. had ALOT of difficulties tapping that stupid card thing to get myself into the monorail. there's something wrong with my card. i swear. went to the luge first thing. the skyride was super fun. quite stupid though. eunice would understand. haha. we were all worried our slippers would drop and all. it didn't. thank god. haha. it started to rain before we got on the skyride. so when we got off we were totally soaked. quite tragic. after the luge. went to the 4d magix thing. eunice was so enjoying herself. haha. we all kind of froze to death. it was ok. definately not worth the money. i don't know. ohwell. then we went on the dragon trail. cause joshua wanted to cam whore. that idiot. haha. ended up getting bitten by ALOT of ants. and of course, joshua got to cam whore. haha. damn stupid la. haha. then we went to the underwater world. oh. dolphin lagoon first. it was awesome. the dolphins were so freaking cute. they were such cam whores! just like joshua. haha. they posed for us to take photos of them please. then show was really nice. and off we went to underwater world. which is basically still the same. there's gracie the dugong. damn cute i swear. haha. then we went off for dinner. supposed to go watch the songs of the sea thing. but everyone was too hungry. so we went back to vivo. ate at our favourite restaurant, asian kitchen. haha. we are damn kuku. then we went home. like nothing hor. haha. i shall post pictures then! haha. suppose they'll say more. haha.

we were bored. the 2 juniors had ran off to vivomart to buy stuff. so yea. decided to cam whore.

the top storey on vivo has this pool thing. it's damn fun. haha. the water was really hot. quite cool. haha. but there were alot of stones inside. so it was quite painful. but still fun. haha.

we were supposed to look unglam. haha.

joshua. our resident cam whore. trying to be a magician here. like what the hell.

very cute dolphin! posed for us. so nice some more. haha.

the kuku guys of the section.

section photo! at siloso beach. wanted to put the other one. but couldn't see our faces. but this is nice. yay. haha.

qazim! my favourite actor. haha. so proud of him. yay! haha.
the last one's quite random. haha. but ya. went for qazim's play on friday. it was kind of totally confusing. all that english. shakesphere. hmmm. i don't think it's spelt that way. haha. ohwell.
band dinner's tomorrow! DIE. my script is like. awesome i swear. crap shit crap shit. ohwell. i think i shall go sleep. goodnight! till july then. or maybe tomorrow. band dinner photos! haha.
you're a carousel, you're a wishing well,
and you light me up, when you ring my bell.
you're a mystery, you're from outer space,
you're every minute of my everyday.

the angels sang over and over again__ 4:24 PM;

Thursday, May 24, 2007

i actually typed out a really long entry that day. then my stupid laptop crashed on me. i was so super pissed. so i think i'm going to save draft after every paragraph. which is here. but it's like super troublesome. but ohwell.

so anyway, this is my long overdued may entry. but since it's still may. so ya. haha. may has been a very hectic month. the last 2 months have been really hectic actually. especially those weeks leading up to syf. but ya. so ya. here i am with my monthly blog entry. cause mingde asked me. so ya. before he starts annoying me and asking me to update. i shall.

ok. let's start from late last month ya? 28th of april to be exact. SAJCCB PRESENTS: BACH TO THE BEAT. it was awesome. yup yup. of course there were some musical problems here and there. but i had fun. definately. was so super embarrassed i had to act. and people had to constantly remind me about it some days later. which is so super embarrassing. the little squabble with xiaowei. spastic i swear. but ohwell. since they said i was PERFECT for the job. thanks kenny and pam. annoying. haha. then there was that really retarded stand-in-front-of-the-whole-audience-and-bow thing. oh man. almost died. cause my friends were so near me. the section was so action during deep purple medley. haha. not our feature we also stand. haha. thank god no other section decided to stand. if not it would have been quite spastic. and so the concert was ok. i like the sch. haha. after our many many rehearsals there. of course it's not as cool as the esplanade. with their REALLY cool dressing rooms. but ya. kind of grew to like that place i suppose. haha.

i think it was 3 weeks. or was it 2. that we had band practice everyday. 3 i think. straight after the concert, we had our mad rush to syf. almost died from all that practicing. seriously. practices were like long and late into the night. by the time we finished practice, debrief, it was like 8 plus? around there. go for dinner. go home. bathe. sleep. this repeated for 2 weeks. didn't even bother in school. just sleep during all the lectures. like first thing go to the cc, sleep. awesome please. haha. and every now and then we had to run back and forth between the 2 band rooms. sucks man. wish i played a smaller instrument. haha. so anyway. after all that practice, it finally came down to THE day. i must admit i didn't feel that good after getting off the stage. like. had that insecure feeling. i wasn't really sure what the results would be. which is really scary. and we had to wait so long for the results. went to starbucks with eunice. met joshua and brandon. drank banana latte. how totally out of point. haha. it's not really nice by the way. banana java chip's better. and we went kuku singing along to spongebob's fun song. think we were too stressed or something. the whole band gathered on the balcony for the results. i swear i almost died waiting. and i couldn't hear what the people why saying. so annoying. it finally came to our band. and the people announcing started jumping and screamining. so i followed. haha. quite retarded. haha. went around hugging alot of people. quite a psychotic sight. haha. after all that, we decided to be really annoying. went into the place and started singing our school song. which i can't even remember the lyrics to. haha. spastic much. but ya. it was totally our of tune. and pitch. everyone was singing in their own pitch. so hard to follow la. haha. but whatever. just sing lo. haha. damn fun la. haha. went back to school and started cam-whoring like mad. haha. forever one. cannot take it. haha. went to vivocity after that with the section for dinner. ate at asian kitchen. bakerzin was taking too long to give us seats. annoying. celebrated colin's birthday. haha. crazy eunice was damn kuku. went home after that. was supposed to go for some un seminar the next morning. but i couldn't. was totally drained. so ya. that sums up the syf.

the whole experience was. well. i don't know how to describe it. it was different. definately. from my previous syf. it was scary i suppose. very much so. but good. yea. very very good. i don't know. haha. i just can't put a word to it. it was super psychotic. definately. the bata shoes. and those stupid guy court shoes from beach road. oh man. i wanted to kill myself i swear. i hate court shoes. it's official. i think the guy at bata thinks i'm super annoying. cause i kept bugging him about the shoes. annoying. i know. but ohwell. haha. and that lady at beach road. couldn't even give me generic shoes. i was so irritated la. argh. but ohwell. couldn't do anything about it in the end. the shoes experience was like. crap shit. haha. but other than that, i enjoyed myself. yup. i must say i enjoyed myself. though i kept complaining at that period of time. constantly complained how i was so sleepy and all. but now that it's all over. it sucks. yea. it really sucks. stinks that i'm not touching my bone anymore. of course i know i can still go down and play it voluntarily. but that would be different. it's just. i don't know. ohwell. i wish we could have one last concert.

so ya. here starts mad rush for studies. argh. i hate it.this is really going to stink. i don't know how i'm going to force myself to study the whole of june. sigh. but i have to. STUDY YI MEI! STUDY! gosh. life sucks. haha.

ohwell. as for the rest of the month. not much to say. so ya. suppose i'll post pictures! haha. of all those times we cam-whored. haha.

sisterhood!. forgot to turn off the red eye reduction. sian. haha.

the only decent section photo we took. which is really tragic. cause all the syf ones look really horrible. haha. or at least the ones i have are.
hmmm. you know what. i actually don't have alot of photos. darn it. haha. ok then. till june. haha.
the good old days, the honest man
the restless heart, the promised land
a subtle kiss that no one sees
a broken wrist and a big trapeze

the angels sang over and over again__ 8:48 PM;

Sunday, April 08, 2007

yesterday was the band orientation! damn fun i swear. my station game was really fun i think. haha. like what the hell. like i would know. i wasn't the one playing. haha. i think everyone was quite disgusted by it. but ohwell. you were actually supposed to wet your clothes. not really suck the seawater into your mouth. haha. but i guess that wasn't a very bad method. haha. hilarious i swear. the bbq was nice too. haha. the chicken wing was like really nice. but super duper oily. it was like OOZING with oil please. haha. but it was very nice. and the honey crabsticks were just weird. haha. oh. and the very very nice beehoon. haha. taste like the one from my sister's birthday bbq. very very yummy. ok. enough about food. makes me hungry.

the girls slept over at my place. drama this morning. totally pisses me off. i mean. if you're so stupid and carelesss how the hell is it my fault? how can you expect me to just question them. if it happened to you would you do the same. you stupid asshole.
i just really hope it's not one of you.
let's post some photos! haha.

gosh. i think we look really retarded. so much for trying to look nice. and mychelle. what kind of smile? like what the hell. haha.

bone section! haha. i think i look so unglam. like my hands are everywhere. i was falling off the bench la. retarded.

min min and bin bin. haha. damn cute i swear.

ok. i don't really have alot of photos to put up. haha. ohwell. that's it for this month's entry i guess. haha.

ooh. and i really love our song. i really do. haha.

everybody's gonna love today,
gonna love today, gonna love today.
everybody's gonna love today, gonna love today.
anyway you want to, anyway you've got to,
love love me, love love me, love love.

the angels sang over and over again__ 10:40 PM;

Thursday, March 29, 2007

here comes my monthly blog entry. haha. march has been a busy month. what with all that studying for block test. not that it really helped. my results are still like crap. kind of sad about my maths results. i knew that i screwed up the paper. should be glad that i passed i guess. and maintained my grade at least. but it's still really disappointing. ohwell. getting back chemistry tomorrow. i'm so going to fail i think. i wish they'd just hurry and return gp and geography. i'm dying of anxiety waiting for it.

i love mika! ohmygoodness. his songs are so interesting! so damn nice la. but i think most people wouldn't really appreciate his music. as bang puts it, i like irritating music. haha. but seriously. i think mika's album rocks. everyone should listen to it. life in cartoon motion. yep yep. especially grace kelly. and happy ending! gosh. i love his songs. the feelings is really nice too! haha. another one of those irritating artist. but ohwell. i like. haha.

april is going to be REALLY REALLY busy. the band schedule is like scary. ohwell. we can do this. yep yep. can't wait for orientation too. think it's going to be so super fun. haha.

my legs are hurting like crap. absolute crap. did too many jumps yesterday. then had to run for 2.4 today. i almost died. i gave up. they were killing me. so ya. now it hurts like. like. yea. i can't find a word for it. i have to walk down the stairs step by step. i feel so old. haha. ohwell. getting on and off a chair is torturous. so is going to the loo. haha. tragic please. can't wait for it to get better. than i'll have to run my stupid 2.4 again. SIGH.

bang took this photo. i think it's really nice. so i shall post it up. it's so long ago. but who cares. haha.

ohwell. don't know what to blog about. so yea. bye then.

i try to be like grace kelly
but all her looks were too sad
so i try a little freddie
i've gone identity mad

the angels sang over and over again__ 11:31 PM;

yi mei tan

ass club 7
27th sept 89
fierce (so says xingwen)
pretty when smiling, ugly when frowning (what xingwen? what?)
The Kinkies
dancing (for a strange reason)
tong xin yuan
desperate housewives
las vejas
tru calling
one tree hill
grey's anatomy
love conceirge
josh duhamel (the heavennly king of hotness. haha. so wrong)
tyron leitso
elijah wood
orlando bloom
brad pitt
marine biologist/zookeeper
killer whales
hamsters (tousie&truffles)

sing away






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